About Us

We are driven by creating
feel good places

We were formed in 2005 to bring together planning, landscape architecture and architecture
(via urban design).

Our goal is to ensure that our advice, effort and ideas are implemented. This means that our approach is based on striking a successful balance between ideas and fresh thinking and making a strong business case. Our history of consistent project delivery proves that our approach works. The fact that we have many trusted and longstanding client relationships suggest that our clients think so too.

We passionately believe that what we do matters. We are motivated by making a positive and real difference, seeing our ideas, our advice, and our efforts come to life, and to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

What Motivates Us

We are motivated by making a positive and real difference, seeing our ideas, our advice and our effort come to life and to have a positive impact on people and the environment. Making plans is the easy part, getting it delivered properly is the really important part.

This is what makes our team tick:

Build Quality Homes and
Residential Places

There are not enough homes for people to live in and we want to make quality places not just build lots of homes

Improve Our Urban

There is a greater focus than ever on the quality of our environment. Whether this be in cities, towns, neighbourhoods, our streets or our homes. Not enough people know how to achieve good quality places and we have an important role to play.

Mitigate and Address
Climate Change

Shifts in our climate and ecosystems have begun to impact on day to day life and there is so much to be done to overcome the challenges posed by changes to our climate and ecosystems. The statutory planning system has a role in delivering policy and the landscape and urban design process can implement new ideas and ways of mitigating impact. We have a role to play in mitigating against, rather than contributing to, climate change.

Manage the Changes
Caused by Digitisation

Digital life has affected attitudes to property transport places and commerce and has increased the importance of real life interaction especially being outdoors. Our skills are required to help manage the changes brought about by this seismic shift.

Improve Our Learning
and Health Environments

Too many children are educated in old poor quality schools and grow up in substandard environments. People are treated in poor quality hospitals. Slowly, gradually, we want to contribute to better education and health environments.

Revitalise Communities
and Places

There are communities and places that have been left behind and which need to be revitalised. We want to help work with these people and places to be revitalised.

Improve how
we Travel

We need to help transform our infrastructure to make it people focused so that people enjoy using walking, cycling and public transport more than they do their cars.

Optimise the Benefits
of Development

We want to maximise the wider positive impacts of development and minimise the negatives in terms of well̐being and the environment.

We are an Employee Owned company. Our team is made up of urban designers, landscape architects, planners and architects. We are a growing business, with big plans, and where everyone can make their presence felt.

Meet the team

We are a sociable group that thrives when working together to complete a challenge or meet a tight deadline. To ensure that our team works effectively and to the highest standard, we continually invest in the development of a strong team ethos that amplifies our individual skills. Our team culture is based upon:

A trusting, relaxed and supportive working environment and business culture
Working in one of the coolest workspaces in Wales
Being part of one of the ‘50 creative businesses making an impact in Wales’; and being a part of one of the ‘businesses making a ‘social impact in Wales’.
Rewards for ‘time served’ to recognise long term loyalty and commitment
Flexible working arrangements
Annual leave arrangements that are above the industry standard
In-depth and ongoing career planning to ensure that professional development is paramount and that everyone in the team has a short/medium/long term growth plan.
A clear route to business ownership for those with an appetite and aptitude for the responsibility for the future of the business
A cloud IT system that allows our team to be productive wherever they need to work
Regular team social and sporting events
Regular insight into the running of the company via the Urbanists Trust

Ready to work together?

We are more than happy to discuss any project, any size, at any time.