Proposed leisure development at Parc Pelenna, on land between the settlements of Tonna and Resolven

We are pleased to announce that we will soon be submitting an outline planning application for the development of a new leisure development at Parc Pelenna on land between the settlements of Tonna and Resolven.  The development proposed includes up to 120 holiday lodges and associated parking; highway access and pedestrian routes; communal leisure building offering hospitality and a pool; naturalistic play and leisure areas, walking and foraging routes; associated services infrastructure including sustainable drainage, and on-site wastewater treatment; and nature enhancement spaces and features, including extensive new tree planting and enhanced management. 

The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016 requires draft planning applications to be available for comments for a minimum period of 28 days before formal submission to the Local Planning Authority.  We are now undertaking this on behalf of Trivselhus who is the applicant for the proposed development 

The usual planning consultation procedures will still be followed by the Planning Authority whilst determining the application.

The draft planning application documents are therefore available to download from this page of our website.

Should you wish to make any comments on the proposed application, please address them to:

[email protected]


The Urbanists, The Creative Quarter, 8a Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF by the 19th July 2024


Application Forms



Parc Pelenna Buildings Parameters

Parc Pelenna Concept Masterplan

Parc Pelenna Drainage Assessment

Parc Pelenna Drainage Existing catchments

Parc Pelenna Illustrative Landscape Masterplan

Parc Pelenna Lighting Strategy

Parc Pelenna Long Sections – Sheet 1

Parc Pelenna Long sections – Sheet 2

Parc Pelenna Road and Levels Assessment

Parc Pelenna Site Location Plan

Parc Pelenna Tree Protection Plan



Parc Pelenna Energy Feasibility Report

Parc Pelenna Green Infrastructure Statement

Parc Pelenna Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Parc Pelenna Archaeological and Heritage Assessment

Parc Pelenna Business Case

Parc Pelenna Design and Access Statement

Parc Pelenna Drainage Strategy

Parc Pelenna Landscape and Visual Appraisal

Parc Pelenna Phase 1 Ground Conditions Desk Study

Parc Pelenna Planning Statement

Parc Pelenna Transport Assessment

Parc Pelenna Utilities Statement Technical Note


Environmental Statement

ES Vol1. Chapter 1 – Introduction

ES Vol1. Chapter 2 – Legislative Context

ES Vol1. Chapter 3 – Site Description

ES Vol1. Chapter 4 – Development Description

ES Vol1. Chapter 5 – Alternatives

ES Vol1. Chapter 6 – Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

ES Vol1. Chapter 7 – Ecological Impact Assessment

ES Vol2. Chapter 2 – Appendix 2.1 EIA Screening Request

ES Vol2. Chapter 2 – Appendix 2.2 EIA Screening Opinion

ES Vol2. Chapter 5 – Appendix 5.1 Business Case

ES Vol2. Chapter 5 – Appendix 5.2 Masterplan Evolution

ES Vol2. Chapter 6 – Appendix 6.1 Landscape and Visual Appr

ES Vol2. Chapter 6 – Appendix 6.2 LVIA Methodology

ES Vol2. Chapter 6 – Appendix 6.3 Schedule of Landscape Eff

ES Vol2. Chapter 6 – Appendix 6.4 Schedule of Visual Effect

ES Vol3. Non Technical Summary



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